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Luis went to the library determined, but he didn´t know which librarian was there. There was two depending on the time of the day.

Unlucky for him, the worng one was there that day. He grabbed the book with no hesitation and tried to find a quiet spot. But the 

librarian was just very close, oh! and she wasn´t happy...

"I´m sure I left the book here... ishhh where did I put it? I hope I didn´t lose it"

He found a dark spot behind some old shelves and creepy plants. Yes, it was definetly dark enough. He placed the book on the 

floor. Luis pulled out of his pockets a small bottle of ink and a quill. The ink seemed to be alive, you could almost hear it.


With no furtherado he started scribbling on the old paper of the book and in a solemn tone he said:

"With this crystal quill and the magic ink I will be able to find them... BRING ME TO THEM OH POWERFUL BOOK!"

✨And with a *POOF* he was gone✨

Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere. Luis suddenly found himself in the middle of the ocean. Struggling to breath. Bubbles, and more bubbles.

But all of a sudden, in the middle of that blur he saw her. His mum, a giant calamari, and his dad, a little crab where there. In front of his eyes. He found them! 


They hug, they cried. The giant calamari hugged Luis with all her arms and realised that his son was running out of air. 

His dad jumped on top of her, and the three of them swam as fast as posible towards the sea forest. There, they found a little dome, with a garden and some weird mechanisms around. As they aproached it, Luis pushed a button and in no time he was in a decompresion cabin, where he finally was able to breath. His dad was with him. His mum was there as well.

He made himself comfortable as the night was falling and got ready to bed. The giant calamari introduced her arm through a mechanism and hug his son one more time.

" sweet dreams darling, it´s so good to have you back home ❤️"

In the middle of the night, a noise woke up Luis. The top of the drain was open! Two big eyes stared at him as they slowly grabbed the book. THE BOOK! In a heart bit Luis jumped from his bed and run after the misterious creature! The underground was dirty and slippery but he kept going. It was very dark down there, but he couldn´t afford to lose the book! Also, there was something very extrange about that creature...

" EY! Who are you? Give back that book! I need it to come back!..."

After some time in the dark, Luis started to feel funny. He could feel the creature just there! So close! Suddenly, an opening. All the ambiguous space faded slowly into abstraction and then... he floated. He was suspended in the middle of the sky, surrounded by fluffy clouds, shooting stars and a warm feeling. The creature dropped the book and turned around as he entered this realm. Was this even real? It definetly felt like an illusion.


They look at each other like someone that looks in a mirror. Perplexed and confused.

" Uhh... what? Is.. that me? Am I.. Am I a fish?"

The fish looked at the book, and Luis followed him. Their moves were now syncronize. As they both aproached the book, this started glowing again and boy and fish merged into one, only to disapear between the pages...

The pages of a book that never left the room.

On top of it, a fish struggling to breath. Juming and moving like it was not natural for him to be doing that.

The librarian came out of the shadows of the very old shelves and approached the fish with a smirk on her face.

" You really thought you could scape me?...aww you poor little thin. This is what happens when someone touches my books"

She put the fish on a fishbowl, the book on a shelf and went on with her day.


This is a little story I made for the Folk Tale Week on Instagram. I wanted to try out animated comics for a while so this has been

the perfect oportunity to see how it works and I really had a great time painting some sparkles.

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