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Short Film - Concept Artist, BG Painter 
Lucas Film, Cartoon Saloon


In 2021 I had the pleasure to do some concept art for Screecher's Reach pitch along side the super talented Federico Pirovano and Almu Redondo, who would become the Art Director of the final piece. Later on I joined as a BG painter with my friend Marco Manzoni and together, we did all the backgrounds of the film. It was so refreshing to work with ink, as it's one of my favourite mediums. It gave so much expressiveness to the artwork and it help transmitting that feeling of angst and energy that the short film needed. Also it was very satisfying to paint all those space skies, so I feel very lucky to be part of this project.

KY_BG_A2_001_v01 R.jpg
KY_BG_A2_003_v02 R.jpg
KY_BG_A2_002_v04 R.jpg
KY_BG_B1_012_v04 copyR.jpg
KY_BG_A2_008_v01_B copyR.jpg
KY_BG_A2_006_v01 copyR.jpg
KY_BG_D1_005_v04 copyR.jpg
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